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Monday, May 03, 2010

Plan B... a little rushed...

truth be told i'm feeling a little rushed with this review of Plan B by Pete Wilson.  i received this book from Booksneeze for free, in return for a review specifically requested for today.  the problem is that the book showed up 3 weeks after i was told i would receive it, less than 10 days ago.  i'm a good reader, but not that good.  so admittedly, i'm still working my way through it.

Plan B is a refreshing book that discusses the fact that God operates much differently than we imagine he would.  it carries the tone of a pastor trying to connect with his young congregation, and is a fairly easy read.  the challenge of the book comes in the honesty that Wilson approaches the subject with.  he openly admits that he doesn't have "all the answers" about God and why God chooses to do the things he chooses to do.  this is refreshing, and more of this kind of honesty is needed.  it forces introspection and reflection, and that's not (usually) a bad thing.

however, i do wish that the book would be more up front about God's Plan B.  the reality is that there isn't one.  while addressing the reality that God does as God does, i don't think Pete goes far enough in declaring that God's Plan is being acted out right now.  it's been working since before the days of Jesus on earth, and it's design is Perfect.  God's Plan is happening with or without us, and whether we like it or not, we are invited to be a part of it.  Wilson's book stops short of this invitation and gets stuck in asking the questions without offering much more than discussion-starters.

in my opinion, this book is about 3.5 out of 5.  it offers good thought, some insight, but it stops somewhat short of really issuing a pointed challenge.

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