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Monday, April 19, 2010

so in the mean time...

well, i'm starting to get a little bored while i wait for my free books. so i'm going to start reading another one that i've been given. the denomination that Camp Wapiti is a part of (CBWC) sent me this:
Celebration Of Disciplne Revised
Celebration Of Disciplne Revised: Amazon.ca

i'm a Richard Foster fan. so i'm looking forward to this. i'll post a review when i'm done. again, no one's paying for the review, and somebody bought the book for me, so really there's nothing in it for me, other than another read.

and if anyone out there knows where a guy like me can continue getting books (or anything else for that matter) for free, let me know. i don't mind posting reviews on everything from books to gadgets, camping gear to power tools. i have a philosophy - if its free, its for me.

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