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Saturday, May 22, 2010

it didn't happen if...

here's a great article i read a while back. it's been picked up on a couple of the productivity blogs that i follow now. as the pace of the approaching summer has started to take off, i've been finding that i've been getting that little bit more forgettable.

so, my plan is this: keep writing things down. i never go anywhere without a piece of paper and a pen. usually i carry a small journal with me where i keep an updated-every-couple-of-days to do list, and i can jot down random notes or contact information if i need it.

lately though, i'm finding i'm using my ipod touch more too. its "notes" app (the one that comes with it) is increasingly useful, and i've found that this has basically become my pda. the native calendar updates with Google Calendar via wifi, backing up important dates (for when the battery inevitably runs out on the ipod) and in a pinch i can grab a date off of my cell phone mini-browser.

i'm slowly discovering the usefulness of an iphone or a blackberry or some other kind of full blown smartphone. it's just too bad that the costs are so high. it could mean one less gadget in my pocket. it would be nice to replace it one day. perhaps someone from Google or Apple is reading this and wants to drop a little present my way - hint hint. one can dream...

anywho, below is the link to the article. enjoy.

Methods of Work: It Didn’t Happen If You Didn’t Write It Down � Design By Gravity

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