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Sunday, January 18, 2009


it's good to have people who care about you. but i'm discovering it's even better to have people around you who care about your family. last night, my wife was treated to a six course birthday meal courtesy some great friends. it all started when i began planning jenn's birthday party.

i informed a friend of ours that my plan was to take my wife for dinner at the Keg, and then to follow it up with some 10-pin bowling. the next day, our friend phoned back with another idea. she was going to organize a fancy gourmet dinner at another friend's house, and invite some others that hang out with. my response, "go for it."

so, our friends organized a great evening. there was spring garden mix salad with sliced mango, french bread with blue cheese spread, butternut squash soup, lemon-zested sorbet, beef tenderloin stuffed with wild mushrooms and shallots, followed by a swiss chocolate and skor bar ice cream cake. there was laughter, encouragement, sharing of stories and life. complete with the 4 babies in the group all waking up within 10 minutes of each other to join us (at 11:00pm). it was a great evening.

and the best part about it is that my wife left feeling blessed - meaning i was too.

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