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Sunday, March 08, 2009


i am eagerly anticipating the end of the minor hockey season here in gp. its only a couple of weeks away. for the last 6 months i've been driving a zamboni and doing some cleaning and maintenance at one of the arenas here in town. its been a blessing and a lesson for me.

its been a blessing in the sense that the job pays so well that i can work 30 hours a week and our family can live fairly well. gp pays their arena attendants some of the highest wages in alberta. its also been a blessing in the sense that this is a 'no responsibility' job for me. i can go to work, and when quitting time comes along i can leave and not take anything home with me. the relationships that i've built have been positive and i feel like i've been able to be a positive influence on the lives of the staff there. that being said, its also been a lesson in patience.

for the last 11 months, i've been talking with God about a return to professional ministry. the discussion has gone through all of the phases from 'just let me go back to it' because i greatly enjoyed doing it, to 'if you have something in store for me God, i'm alright with that, and i wait for your move'. needless to say, its been a good 11 months, and some valuable lessons have been learned along the way.

you may be saying to yourself, 'self, what's next for jeremy and his family?' well, as of april 1st, i'll be directing camps at Camp Wapiti. i've directed camps before as a youth pastor, but i've never been in charge of a complete camping program, and this will be a new challenge for me. i'm greatly anticipating my new work. so much so that finishing well at the arena will be hard. i can't wait to begin the work of preparing for camps and interacting with students from elementary age groups all the way up to senior high school.

i'd also solicit your prayers for me and for my family. it's sure to be a difficult thing for them too, especially when we all relocate to the camp (just 16 kms south of gp) for 7 weeks, and they watch dad running around with other kids, busy taking care of the needs of each camp.

i'll also do what i can to be a better blogger. i've missed updating the site, even though not many people read what goes on here. i think its sort of served as a journal for me. a good place of reflection and debriefing. regardless, i think i'll keep it going. by the way, know of anyone that wants to work at camp for 7 weeks this summer?

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Justin said...

Jeremy, so good to hear about your journey! The fam and I looking forward to volunteering at a local camp for teens here - I'll be speaking at a week for Jr. High.