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Saturday, November 22, 2008

God became a baby...

this morning i read something that stood out in my mind.  it's another quote from Oswald Chambers, in My Utmost for His Highest.

"Beware of posing as a profound person - God became a baby."

this is a significant statement for me, not just because it's true, nor because it's a statement that holds immense theological value, but because i, like most people, fall victim to the deadly sin of pride.  God's been teaching me lots lately, and it never seems to amaze me that God's work moves so quickly when i seem to be doing so little.

i have much cause to think of myself a profound person.  i've served with churches all over western canada, even for a significant time as a professional youth worker.  i've counseled at more camps than i can remember.  i've been confronted numerous times in public by people who remember me being at a significant place in their lives.  i've helped in organizing huge events with upwards of 1000 people at one time.  and i've easily fallen into thinking that i'm a bigger deal than i am.

working at the arena has helped me to slow down and realize a few things, and i struggle at times with the slower pace and lessened responsibility.  the reality is that i have no clue what God's going to do in the next little while.  i'd like to be open to whatever is out there for me and for my family.  i'm finding it tough to commit to future plans because of this desire to be open to God's leading, too.

maybe the lesson in the fact that God became a baby is for me to realize that there's significance in the insignificant, to overcome every little bit of pride and to really experience the abundance that God gives.  who knows, maybe i'll learn something.

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