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Thursday, May 15, 2008

the training continues...

so i've been a manager-in-training now for just under 3 weeks. tonight and tomorrow i'm taking part in the first 3 of 9 workshops that will be required for me to be a store manager with starbucks. the experience so far has been very good. the partners (not employees) are great people, and they're all teaching me a lot. i'm trying my best to just let things sink in and not to worry too much about all the nitty gritty. there will lots of time for that later on.

i did find out a very cool piece of info though - i get to travel to a huge "leadership conference" with about 10,000 other starbucks management partners this october. i'm very excited, and i have to say, a little overwhelmed. i've had great experiences working with the organizations i've worked with. not many people get to do the things that i've gotten to do over my career. but i've been treated extremely well by starbucks so far, there have certainly been more (attractive?) perks than i would have expected in a million years.

through this whole thing of transitioning out of formal ministry into a "real" job (and i say that with a little sarcasm and knowing that i've done nothing but real work all along) God has been and continues to be very good. i am amazed at the new ways that i see him working every day.

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