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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the coffee-man...

well, i've been a coffee man for 2 days now. it's been a great experience so far. i never realized how much effort goes into a cup of coffee. the last couple of days have been spent reading, getting to know the layout of the place, the people, and trying to get some bearings on what Starbucks is all about. i do have to say that i've not had an experience of encouragement like i've had here before. the people are great to work with, and (as i'm learning) the value of the people makes the experience more than worth it.

my own store won't even be open for about 7 weeks or so (depending on construction) and yet marketing and communication for the store has already begun. we're starting to communicate where the store will be, what will be offered, and the plans and dreams for what the store can do in the community and for the community. it's been great to be in conversation with many people about the potential of the store, and about how it can be a place for people to gather.

i'm starting to learn a few things about "third places" as well. people have their first and second places (home and work) and many are now in need of a "third place" to operate. places to connect with others, places to serve as secondary workplaces, places to study, an additional place to be and be comfortable. Starbucks is apparently pretty intentional about being a "third place", so i'm starting to learn about my role in providing that place for people. perhaps i'll be able to share some more as i go along here.

i'm really looking forward to my journey as a coffee guy. i think i'm going to learn a lot.

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