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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

thankful, busy, and trying to focus...

that really sums up where things are at for me these days. my work with Young Life is going very well. i'm involved in kids lives by helping out in the woodshop at the school, and fundraising continues to happen despite my not being able to focus on YL full-time. i really do wish that i didn't have to work a second job to make ends meet. it's a costly couple of hours that i lose in the afternoon driving a bus, but it's paying the bills these days, and that's a good thing.

i think that God is teaching me to have more patience than i thought i had through all of this. one of the struggles that has been characteristic for me has been impatience. i've got a very strong tendency to start off a project or a work very strong, very quick, and then when it starts to slow down or bore me i look for something else to start up. as a result i don't finish a lot of the things that i start, and sometimes that means leaving unfinished business in my wake. the only counter for this is to stick with something until it is finished. however one of the questions that tends to come up is the question of really being finished. just because i 'feel' finished doesn't mean that i am.

i'm tired of working two jobs. i'd like to meet someone who would gladly give about $50,000 to my work and then i could run at YL full speed. that's not healthy though, long-term anyways. i know deep down that it would be better to find 250 people who want to partner with me at $50 a month than it would be to find that one guy who wants to give me $50,000. it's more meaningful and it's more sustainable and it's better partnership.

for now, i'm very thankful for the bus driving, and for the folks that are already partnering with my work in YL. and until the day when we're fully funded, i'll have to remain focussed on the task at hand: fundraising while working, and working a second job to make ends meet. it'll be temporary, we just need to keep going and things will be alright. praise God.

in news on the home front, i'm so proud of my son, and of the work my wife is doing with him. she doesn't realize it, but her influence on him every day is turning him into a great little man. i love hanging out and playing with him, and i can't wait for baby #2.

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