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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

moving forward...

it's been quite a while since i last posted. the time has just been flying by. life has been very busy and things are moving along nicely. my work with Young Life is taking off little steps at a time. Grayson is getting bigger and bigger. Jenn has joined a swimming club (you should check her latest blog entry about that). a few snippets from the last little while:

- Grayson is now talking (still baby babble) in what seem to be conversations with us.
- fundraising continues as we pursue God and the Kingdom work of reaching teenagers who don't know Jesus here in GP.
- some new challenges face our local church as staff changes, but God is good and He will provide.
- we've got 2 kids signed up for our jr high camp, and 2 signed up for sr high camp (this is huge since YL has only been operating in GP for 6 months). both of these camps will happen at RockRidge Canyon.
- Pete (the other YL staffer here) found a female leader to attend the sr high camp for us, as the 2 that are going to the camp are, well, females themselves. God is continuing to provide.
- we've been told that one of the schools that we work in here will introduce us at their first student assembly in the fall. this means a little higher profile for us, but it also means that somewhere around 450 kids will know we exist, which can only be a positive for our work.

that's all for now. other than to say that we're very thankful to those who have partnered with us so far, and we still look forward to talking to many more about joining us in the mission here in GP. we can't wait to see what's ahead as move forward.

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