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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the first goal...

we're well under way now with our fundraising for young life. i've been so focused on it lately, it feels like that's all i've been doing. i've been praying non-stop about it, and i think God's got some lessons for me in it. this whole thing of being a missionary isn't a new or really different concept for me, it's basically the same thing that i've been doing for the last 8 years. the difference is finding the funding and the philosophy behind it. i want to make sure that friends who decide to partner with us financially stay friends first.

i've been able to hit my first month's goal in fundraising. and, actually, our second month's (july) was hit today too. one of our supervisors in edmonton called us today to tell us that we'd received a gift from an anonymous donor there. it's amazing how God works, and now i get to focus on raising and increased goal for august. between now and then, i'm taking a lesser salary from young life and working a second job until we've raised enough to sustain the work here in gp. life is getting very busy, for both jenn and i, as a result, however i'm learning a lot, and i'm still as pumped for this adventure as ever.

last night i got to join some kids playing football. the school that we've been working in lately had recently cancelled their spring training camp for the football team (very frustrating). however a few of the kids (i thought there were about half a dozen) wanted to do something though, even if it was just going for a run or throwing a ball around. so i told them i would get together with them, informally, and we'd do something. well, 12 students turned up, and i was blown away. apparently more are interested in coming out too. i'm hoping that we can get as many as we can, and just start working on some plays with them.

the guy that canceled spring training (a teacher at the school) saw us playing around in the field, and i think he's going to come and teach some fundamentals too. that's huge, because we'd had the impression he wasn't interested in doing anything with us since canceling camp. he's a very smart football guy - he's been coaching for almost 30 years, and he's the guy who started the local bantam football leagues. i hope to glean A LOT of wisdom from this guy.

well, there's the latest and the greatest from what's going on right now. i'll keep you updated.

oh, and on the home front: grayson has discovered that he can tackle his dad. tonight he was crawling all over my head, and then as i lay on the floor he crawled on my back, and i gave him a ride crawling around on all fours. i love this 'dad' stuff. i'm pretty much convinced i have the greatest kid ever.


Jenn said...

I would agree, we do have the greatest kid ever.

Phyllis said...

Thanks for writing this.