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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

back from rockridge, photos on the way, and REALLY big news...

this past week i was off to rockridge canyon for our junior high camp. it was a great week, and we had a blast. i was amazed at how well run the camp was, and the 'young life' experience is certainly something to... well... experience. it's not that there is a huge difference in the way young life presents the Gospel. they do have a 'polish' to it that shows their experience and their efforts at improvements over the years. seeing the camp in full running mode was great, and i'm definitely feeling 'at home' in young life and that this was a great move to make.

some highlights of the week at camp:
  • the lake - it's awesome, and to think it wasn't there a year ago (go to the rockridge website and check out the 'lake cam')
  • the blob - there's nothing like sending a kid flying 15 feet into the air (an advantage to the weight i've packed on over the last few years)
  • the zip line - went down it twice, including once at night!!
  • one of the kids we went to camp recommitted his life to following Jesus - this is huge!!
  • the food, the food, and oh man, the food
there's a few thoughts running through my mind about the work we have here in gp now that i've gone through the camp experience. i'd like to get into the third and final high school in the city sooner than later, but i'd also like to see our junior high work begin a little sooner seeing as how we had such a great experience with the 3 guys we went to camp with. i'm going to continue praying about this, but one thing's for sure: our work is really just beginning, and if we thought we were busy before...

also, this one goes under the HUGE news category:

we just found out, and she goes to the doctor tomorrow to get some info and all that jazz. please be praying for the health and safe development of our child. we don't mind telling people about this right away, because the people that know, the more people can pray for us and our child. God has been very good to us in these days, and we can't wait to find out how things will go in the coming days.

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