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Friday, June 01, 2007

it's official...

i'm now a young lifer. my work is now completely focused on making things happen for the mission here in grande prairie. we've hit the ground running with the fundraising end of things, and hopefully over the next few months we can have enough funding put together so that we can just focus on the student-work in September. between now and then i'll be working odd jobs and i'll probably settle into a temporary job while we raise the funds neccessary to live off of and cover the costs of working with high school students.

this weekend i'm scooping ice cream at the GP Stompede. think Calgary Stampede, only a lot smaller and not nearly as polished. the parade for this thing had a total of 10 vehicles and 5 horses (the 10 vehicles includes the 2 street sweepers following the horses). so far, it's been fun. right out of our little ice cream trailer window is stan the psychic. he's an interesting guy. maybe i'll get a chance to chat with him a bit. and the community of 'carny's' is an interesting one. it's got its stereotypes (which are obvious) but there's a definite community and family mentality out there too. its great watching the different games and rides and food stand workers interact with eachother. in a strange way, i wonder what effect Jesus could have in a place that obviously needs Him. i've never pictured Jesus as the guy running the ferris wheel.

i'll give some updates as the weekend 'rolls' on.

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Kim said...

ohh the carnys!! i had alovely encounter with one last year in FSJ timmy's, ohh those were the days... scoop on friend! -K