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Sunday, April 29, 2007

big announcements, and the transition begins...

well, this week our new young adult pastor joins the church staff team. it's amazing that things have lined up as quickly as they have. a good friend and leader named jason is taking the reigns of the young adult ministry this tuesday. basically, for the next month i'm in "how quickly can i get out of the way" mode. i think i'll be having more conversations in the next week than i've had in the past two years. and that's a good thing. i'm officially done at the church on june 1st.

part of the bonus of taking the new job that i did is that i still get to be involved with DtP. it stands for 'disturbing the peace'. it's a youth conference that all the youth pastors in the city here put on for kids in the peace region. last year we had over 600 registered for the entire weekend, and we had over 900 at the saturday night concert. this year, we're hoping for bigger numbers. but on friday we're having a primer party at one of the larger churches in the city, where we'll have worship, games, and i'll be making the announcements about our bands that we're signing for the saturday night concert. i'll post details here and some highlights after the event.

jenn won tickets to a dinner theatre the same night as the dtp party. unfortunately i can't go because the dtp party was planned a long time ago, and it is part of my job to be there. so i think jenn is taking lindsay in my place. i swear, jenn and lindsay talk more than jenn and i do. that's a good thing though, lindsay's friendship has been such a blessing to jenn. enjoy the show girls, you deserve it.

while they're at the show, they'll be dining with a couple of local radio dj's. the girl that does the morning show knows someone i went to high school with. i had a chance to meet them this past week. they're great people, hopefully we get to know them a little more.

and finally, i just thought i'd mention that my son is going to be one year old on tuesday. this past year has been so great. i now know what my friend mike means when he says that being a father gives you a little glimpse into what God must feel like when He looks at us. i never knew that i could be so wrapped up in such a little package - mind you, he's the bigger than most of the other kids we know... anyways, i love the kid.


Fred said...

So either I didn't see an earlier post, or you haven't said where you are going with the new job. What's up man?

Lindsay said...

Whatca talkin' bout willis?? I don't talk alot !!!

Jeremy said...

no, you just talk to my wife alot. remember, its a good thing.