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Thursday, May 03, 2007

the van is on the road...

that's right, jenn has freedom!!! we've got the new insurance (which because i went to a broker turns out to be only $3 a month more for both car and van than what we were paying for the one vehicle previously. it was good to take the time to search it out. i found out though that registration costs went up (again). things just cost money unfortunately. tomorrow we've got the big DtP party happening, and then a busy weekend with family in town for Grayson's birthday party.

today i used our van to take a run to the dump, we finally have gained back some lost space in our basement. but there's alot of work left to do to get the lawn ready with the green grass already starting to sprout up everywhere.

we also took Gray to the doctor for his one-year check-up. he's doing very well, and the bruiser is measuring in at over 27 pounds and 32 inches tall. according to the charts he's slowed down his growing in the last few months, as they can now chart his growth - he's in the 90th percentile (whatever that means). anyways, he's big. we had a great time for his birthday the other night. we went over to lindsay and pete's place, roasted smokies, made s'mores, and had a blast visiting with them and their girls. check out jenn's blog for some great pics of Gray's first year.

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