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Thursday, April 26, 2007

the van is ready to go (almost)...

so i had the van inspected yesterday. everything looks good, except it needs a muffler. the mechanic said its one of the cleanest vehicles he's ever seen. now we just need to find insurance, get the registration and plates, and it's on the road for Jenn. i'm excited to get everything ready so that she can have the freedom she's been missing over the last while. we've already seen times in the last week where it's going to be a huge help. it might even get me out of grocery shopping altogether. every time we go i end up just getting cranky and i just want to get out of there. it'll be better when jenn can just go during the day, and i won't have to deal with 'shopping'.

in other news our city held a meeting for the new leisure center they are building not far from where we live. it's an impressive 300,000+ square foot facility with a competition sized pool and a greatly planned out water park. there's even going to be a spot for indoor surfing - i can't wait. and when all is said and done, there's going to be two high schools with around 2000 students total connected to this monstrosity. it's going to be the perfect mission field for my work with younglife.

we're sending out our first round of letters asking for support in the next day or so. God is so good. already, a number of folks i've been talking with want to get on board with the work we're beginning here in gp. i finish my role with the church on june 1st, so it's coming quick. we can't wait to see how God works in and through us as we make this shift.

by the way, if you'd like more info on my new job, younglife, or our efforts towards fund-raising our budget, please feel free to email me (the link is in my profile to the right).

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