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Friday, March 02, 2007

check this out...

i know i said i wouldn't be posting much this week with preparing for sunday's message and all - but you've got to see this. thanks to marko (who actually got this from someone else).

this is great. check out the website here. the reason i like this so much is because it's a great statement artistically (it doesn't actually exist - it's just a prototype meant to stir up some questions. see the site for some reasoning from the company). do we worship the form as a culture? or do we worship the one who the form represents? or do we worship the status that comes along with the form? i think from time to time we should be forced/pushed toward asking these questions. it's appropriate timing for this to come about too.

as i prepare for the message on sunday i am being faced with the question as to why there was division in the crowd that day (see John 7:40-52). it seems that the teaching of Jesus ought to have had a more 'overall-everyone-believes-when-he-teaches' kind of effect. but we're left with the question: what side of the division do we stand on? do we take Jesus to be the one that offers the water that quenches and flows, or do we react like the temple guards, in awe that someone can teach like this, and yet not really sure what to do with him?

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