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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a busy bunch of days...

things have been insane, and i think it's going to be another busy week. let me go back a few days and fill you all in on what's been going on. my weekends are generally VERY busy (it kind of comes with the territory of the work i'm in) and so we were very excited to get some down time in at pete & lindsay's place over some sandwiches for lunch. then we came home and IT happened.

i was washing my hands and then noticed a hissing sound coming from somewhere. i didn't think anything of it at first, but then figured i'd better check out the basement just in case. i was arriving just in time to see a trickle of water reaching the drain in my basement floor. the hot water heater had just died on us. so i shut off the water, and jenn started mopping while i made some phone calls. not wanting to pay $100 per hour for a guy to come out on a sunday, we decided we'd wait things out till monday morning. fortunately for us, a deacon (servant-caretakers of our church facilities) had some time, and came over to help me switch out the old tank for a new one. i'd never done any type of plumbing before, so i was pretty much asking every question i could along the way. 'johnny van' is a great guy, and i learn a lot from him every time i'm around him. he's been around awhile, long enough to even have helped to build our church building (the original portion of which is some 50 years old).

so after taking monday off to change the hot water tank, i arrived at work this morning to find out that my senior minister has volunteered to help take a group of jr. high students to a weekend conference at Alberta Bible College (the school i went to). normally this would be fine, as speaking priveleges generally fall to our minister of outreach, scott. however, he's going to be away this weekend at a retreat teaching people about the Holy Spirit. so that leaves me.

i don't mind preaching, but i'm now left with about four and a half days to put together a sermon based on John chapter 7 - and by the way - i've got about 15 minutes to get my point across. generally if i'm speaking i take about 2 weeks or so to prepare a 25-30 minute message, and as a general rule: the less time you have to communicate, the more time you need to prepare. this is because you have to be more focussed and you have less time to build things.15 minutes should equal about 3-4 weeks of preparation.

but i'm up for the challenge. the next few days will be hard, but God is good, and i think He's going to be doing some very stirring things in the coming days. i won't have time to post until next week as a result of this week suddenly getting even busier than originally planned, but i'll give you an update once the weekend is over.

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