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Saturday, February 17, 2007

proclamation at the well...

it went great. 'the well' was a huge success for a first night. there were around 50 of us gathered (most them jr. high youth - which is actually critical for the success of something like this) and we experienced rest, nourishment, and service to our community. we spent time in prayer, silence, the turning over of burdens, song, dance, and the Word. all in all it was an excellent experience. i think its safe to say that people connected with God and with each other.

from here, we'd like to try this in another month, but we'd like to encourage people to bring something into worship. perhaps a scripture that God is using in their lives, a picture that's been painted, a song that's stuck in their heads, a poem that's particularly touching, or a testimony of God's work.

thank you for the prayers. continue to pray as the evidence of God's work is seen and dealt with, and for the people who experienced God.

and on the home front: still waiting for our house to sell. that's all that's left in the deal. once it sells, we get to start packing up for the big move. please pray for that too. oh, and did anybody notice how badly the oilers are playing these days? i did.

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Chantal said...

yes, th oilers are indeed playing terrible!