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Friday, February 16, 2007

i miss my blog...

okay, okay, i know. it's been far too long, but somehow i'm not sure that our lives are THAT interesting, that you'd all be angry at the fact that i haven't been blogging this past week or so. the truth is that i have missed my blog, and it feels like i'm trying to get re-acquainted with an old friend right now, but somehow i think my blog will forgive me.

as if january isn't busy enough, february is here, and things are increasingly busy. tonight our church is hosting an experiment in worship. we're going to be trying a few things that aren't done in a whole lot of places on a regular basis. call it 'post modern' or 'experiential' or 'experimental' if you will, but the reality is that all of this has been done before.

we're calling it 'THE WELL'. it's a time where we're calling on people to bring something to worship (the emphasis not being on what we're worshiping, but rather what we're BRINGING to worship). in corinthians paul (famous servant of God's church) writes about how when the corinthians gathered for worship, each of them was to bring a song, psalm, word from God, testimony, something that proclaimed the worth of God and His glory, grace, and love.

we're encouraging people to bring these things and more to a time of worship. this is something we haven't tried here before, so we'll see what happens. i think the legs have been slowly kicking over the last little while, and we think that the timing is right for us to try this out. we're combining youth ministry, young adult ministry, adult ministry, worship ministry, and basically anyone who wants to engage with God and each other in a unique way. we hope to see God communicate strongly through the gathered community that calls on each other to worship, and we expect that God will move.

pray for us as we embark on this different path of worship, it's not going to be a typical song and dance kind of thing, but something asking for participation, commitment, and sacrificial offering of self in an attempt to connect with God and community. i'll give an update of how things turn out tomorrow.

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1 comment:

Pete said...

You can go ahead and call it "emerging" Jer, it's okay... I just hope the incense smell is gone by Sunday morning, that stuff gives me a headache.

Wish we could be there, hope it's a great night!