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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

lent begins...

the season of lent begins tomorrow. it's a season of self-denial as we come upon the events of good friday and easter. traditionally, people are challenged to give something up for the 40 period that is lent (hence the self-denial aspect). i'd like to give something up, but i'm not sure what it will be yet. one friend is giving up all junk food (chips, pop, chocolate bars, etc.) and another friend of ours is giving up eating out for 40 days. i've known people to give up red meat, or television, or even computer games.

what can i give up? we don't have television anymore. my job is all about getting together with people over meals and talking about life with God. i work with teenagers, junk food is just a given.

so, i think that what i will attempt to do it this: 40 days for 40 burdens. each day i will spend a significant amount of time in prayer and reading. i've found this great site that has daily readings and prayers that will lead me through each of the forty days of lent. as i pray, i will offer the burden on my heart to God as a way of fasting from my burdens. i tend to dwell on and mull over my burdens, and i am hoping that this exercise will help teach me two things: to be in a better place of prayer (something i've always struggled with) and help me in trusting God to do the things that He promises to do. whether i know it or not, i could always lean on him more.

i'd love to hear the things you're giving up, or taking on, or if you'd like, join me on this journey.

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