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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ash wednesday...

Joel 2:18 (NLT)

"then the LORD will pity his people and be indignant for the honor of his land!."

this idea that we need God's pity is a strange one. but one i think we need to be clear on. we are capable of nothing even close to acceptable to God on our own merit. the beauty of the resurrection is this: God did it, not us.

psalm 51:17 says that God's desired sacrifice is a broken spirit. and that He will not despise a broken and repentant heart. may my heart (and my will) be broken to a point of allowing the Holy Spirit enough room to do the work he needs to do in my life, and may the God of Peace restore my heart to its intended purpose.

and by the way, He will be indignant for the honor of His land. He will get angry on our behalf. He will be angry for us. He will be angered by what has been done to His children and He will act swiftly and decidedly in restoring what was corrupted. God will fight for you.

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