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Friday, February 02, 2007

God is good...

we needed to take a quick over night trip to edmonton, and we just got back. it's a four and a half hour drive either way, and let's just say that it takes a pretty good excuse to make the drive. well the excuse this time was that i needed to apply for a passport. i'm taking a trip to mexico in mid-april. it's a four-day whirlwind tour of a mission organization so that i can see if they're 'up to snuff' for taking my group their in the summer of 2008.

we've been hearing horror stories of long line-ups at the passport office, and so when we arrived in edmonton on thursday afternoon, my friend ryan (another youth pastor in gp joining me on the trip) and i went to scope things out and find out where we needed to go when we lined up, and just how the whole process was supposed to go. the initial plan: line up outside the building at about 4:30am friday morning, and run when the doors open.

well, thursday when we arrived, we started asking questions of the security guard about how things worked, and he said, "why not go get pre-screened now, and you'll get a slip of paper that will let you by-pass the line tomorrow morning." score 1 for us. we went and got pre-screened. while being pre-screened, i was chatting it up with the guy at the counter, and mentioned we had just driven in from gp and were scoping things out for the next morning. his response, "well, usually the managers try and see everyone who traveled more than 3 hours to apply in the same day. stick around and see what happens." well, we had arrived at 3:30pm, and I had paid for an hour of parking, so why not. at 4:15pm the doors were locked and no one else was allowed in. so much for going to top up the meter.

long story short, thursday was the first day (in a very long time) that everyone in the waiting room was processed and nobody had to be sent home after spending hours on end waiting. we weren't the only ones who were happy. the managers who approve your applications - man were they smiling big too. so that freed us up to go to IKEA this morning, get a great breakfast for $1, have a quick lunch at west ed mall after picking up jenn (who was meeting with a friend) and get back home by 6:30pm. all in all it was a good couple of days. God definitely provided for us thursday, and today, i only hope that my eyes are open enough to see what He does tomorrow.

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GP Jenn said...

I'm sure God will continue to provide for finances to pay that 80 dollar parking ticket you got too. Oh well at lest you got your passport.

Chantal said...

hahaha you got a parking ticket! jk!
The flames rule!

Kimmie said...

I am glad that you got your passport application through so quickly. We sent ours priority post (after not being able to take them to the Harry Hays building in Calgary when we were there -long story) Anyways, so we priotirty couriered them from here in GP, that was November 22, 2006. My son, husband and I just got our passports last week (The daughters got rejected). These all came AFTER our trip to Mexico... convenient hey?

Hey, I am thinking for bringing my 12 year old to your youth group. Is she too young? I have the link to your church on your wifes website, and I would like for her to experience youth group as I did at her age, and our churches youth group is Wednesday night (Peoples).

LOL @ Jenn... I love it.

BethJoy said...

Man, I bet the Parking ticket guys are being super grumpy right now with all of the people getting passports. Sue Alexander (burkett) got a ticket last week getting her passport too!

Jeremy said...

kimmie, if i'm right that would put your daughter in jr. high is that right? we've got a great girl running our jr. high ministry right now, and the jr. high youth group is very energetic, i think your daughter would love it. just give becky a call and she'll set you up.

Kimmie said...

hi, actually, we held her back in Kindergarten so she is only in grade 6, though VERY matue for her age. Can she still be a part of the Jr. High ministry in Grade 6?

Thanks for the info. Jeremy.