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Thursday, January 18, 2007

well, i've been reading more...

well, it's true. i have been. as a matter of fact i'm now on my second book of this month. i finished reading "the contrarian's guide to leadership" by steven sample. he's the president of usc (university of southern california) and he's written a great book with some very good tips for leaders to take heed of. it gets a little long and dry in some parts, but it's a definite good read.

i've moved on to "the confessions" by saint augustine. it's one of those classics that everyone (at least if you've been to bible college) says you should read at least once. so this is my once. it's very good so far. there's a reason that augustine was looked to as one of the great fathers of the church. and he was certainly influential on the theologies of many great men in history. i look forward to finishing it, and i'll give you the lowdown when i'm finished. take luck.

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