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Saturday, January 13, 2007

resolutions anyone?

i've been raging against resolutions for most of my life. i've tried not to have a resolution for myself because i've never been one to promise something that i am pretty much guaranteed to break. and i don't like to break promises. especially to myself. but i think it's time for me to commit to something. so here it is. my wife and i have been talking about getting rid of tv. well not THE tv, but the cable part of the tv. i think i need to commit to reading more. certainly more of the bible, and i think that it's time i set myself a goal. i'm committing to reading 2 books per month. maybe i can finally clear off the stacks of books on my "i still haven't read it yet" shelf. that's right, stacks. anywho, the second part of the commitment is this. i'm not going to buy any more books until that shelf is cleared off. i'll let you know how that goes.

at least i'll still have cbc, hockey night in canada is pretty much the only show i really watch anyway. goodbye cable, hello more time (?).

oh ya, and i'm committing to blogging more than once every 10 days too. it's pretty much the closest thing to journalling i do. so, here's my 13 day late resolution. what's yours?

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Chantal said...

Hey Jeremy
I was kinda scared when I moved away from home and decided that cable wasn't going to fit in my budget, but I actually don't miss it. I didn't realize how much time I really wasted watching tv until I didn't have it. You may go through a little withdrawal phase, but you'll make it. All you really need is Hockey Night in Canada, Flames vs. Oilers tonight.... GO FLAMES!