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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the turmoil of making a decision...

well, my wife and i are faced with a serious decision in these days, and so i ask for prayers. we're trying to do decide the best course of action surrounding our house situation.

now don't get me wrong, we live in a wonderful home that God provided for us in just the right time and for just the right price. it's just that when you're faced with the prospects (it's not happening yet) of an expanding family then you are also faced with room issues. the place we have now is a 2 bedrooms up and 1 bedroom down half-duplex. if we're going to do any expanding, it would be nice to have at least 3 bedrooms on the same floor (we're NOT willing to put Grayson in his own room in the basement yet - he's only 8 months old, though i realize he IS WAY BIGGER THAN HE SHOULD BE).

now, in a housing market that is as nightmarish as the one in any alberta city is, we are faced with having a significant increase in our mortgage just to get into a larger place, and if we're taking the plunge we may as well get ourselves into a house. and so, the decisions of when to sell and what to buy and not wanting to feel like we're being pressured to move and wanting to make the best choices possible all make this a difficult choice.

and so i ask for prayer. wisdom comes only from God. and He has a great plan in store for my family. and i wish to be the best steward of what God has given me. so please pray. and i'll share the story of answered prayer (whatever the answer is) at it comes along.

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Fred said...

You have our prayers...tough decisions require wisdom and courage.