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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

wow, a whole week...

what a difference a week makes. and it's been a very busy one at that. we've had a lot on the go and things don't look like they're going to slow down anytime soon. for youth group this weekend, threw an after-party for studio y? and there was some really good response to it. the whole idea was to have a time where people could enjoy the show, then hang out as families and chat and play. sometimes life can get pretty hectic, and this is meant to be an opportunity for things to slow down a bit.

on the house-hunting front, jenn and i have located a house for sale by owner that we're going to put a bid on today. be praying for this as we want to have a fair deal for both sides. also, this is an unchurched family who even have a big sign on the front door that says "no religious solicitation". what an amazing thing if relational solicitation could take place and this family could see the grace of Jesus in something as simple as a financial transaction. i'll post the outcome of the meeting later on.

all in all things are going well. God is moving some mountains and i'm being shown that i don't have to be involved in any way other than praying, in order for kingdom visions that i have to take place. maybe the best course of action really is for me not to muddy up situations and just let God do what He does best.

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