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Saturday, January 20, 2007

in the mean time...

i'm sitting in my office in between tasks right now. i've been spending most of my morning running around the city gathering items for our sr. high youth group event this sunday evening. i haven't been able to grab everything, i'm still missing some candy that i'll have to grab tomorrow afternoon before youth group. and i'm sitting here, waiting for a meeting between our staff and elders to discuss some important church business.

our idea for the students this weekend is two-fold. we're going to have a celebration, making note of "everybody's birthday" and there's going to be a pinata and those great little cone-shaped hats. but we're also going to be taking time to introduce students to the various forms of worship. things like painting, poetry, drama, prayer and communion, music, contemplation of the Word. it's going to be a great time of preparing them for a unique time of worship next month, where they'll all be encouraged to bring something in worship. a song, a poem, a scripture that stands out in their minds, a video clip, a story of God working in or around them. all of these can be brought to a worship experience, and all can be parts of the greater call of the body to the body to worship and experience God in all His Glory.

i'll let you know how it goes.

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