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Friday, January 05, 2007

random stuff...

well, we've been back for about almost a week now, and a few people have been wondering why i haven't posted yet. well people, i'm a busy guy... actually, i just haven't really wanted to. playing with Grayson has seemed so much better. plus, when i play with Gray, it gives Jenn a chance to blog.

so, 2006 is gone forever. as far as highlights go, Grayson would be the biggest. and by biggest, i mean HUGE. the kid is now measuring at over 30 inches tall and over 24 pounds. and he's only 8 months old. he's so cool.

our church has gone through a lot too. in august we welcomed our new creative arts director, Barry. over the last few months he's come to be a good friend and i've come to appreciate his attention and sensitivity to the Spirit's working. i look forward to good things from his ministry among our community.

as a congregation, we voted to relocate to a new building. the details are going to be forthcoming as the various teams are formed in the next month and the various ministries begin giving their input.

we also started going to a new bible study with pete and lindsay, and they're too becoming good friends. we very much appreciate their openness, and their friendship seems to be just what we needed and just when we needed it. we can't wait to see what happens with pete as he embarks on a new career path. blessings pete - and oh ya, the guys on the CREW are excited to meet you too.

the youth group is growing and active, and recently i've been especially encouraged by the young adult community that's been growing at our church. they are an amazing bunch of people. there's much work to be done, and God's doing all of it. but i can't wait to see what's in store for the next year.

there are a lot of opportunities coming our way in the next few months. they include working with some of the other churches to pool resources and talents to accomplish some very big goals, as well as some missions stuff (i'll post details once we're ready to announce them to the students). this year is going to be VERY busy, but God's blessings to you all, and i look forward to hearing from you about your stories as we live out 2007.

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