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Friday, December 08, 2006

this one's for andrew...

alright. i have to mention something to you. it's a bit of a shameless plug i know, but we've got this great thing happening at our church and so i want you all to know about it. some of you have probably even seen it commented about recently in some of my recent posts.

it's called studio y?. that's right. it's a great multimedia/song and dance/drama and story/family theatre and worship experience all rolled into one. as a matter of fact, it's part of the reason that i'm serving at the church i am. when i first discovered this little gem of a ministry i knew that it would be one of the best tools for reaching families with the love of Christ, simply because you have parents who have the opportunity to learn about God right along side of their kids.

well they have a web site now. you can check them out here. i would encourage you if you're in the gp area to check out a performance. there's nothing quite like it. there, i've devoted a blog post to studio y?. i hope to see you there. tell them i sent you.

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studioy said...

Good old Jeremy you can always count on Jeremy. Come check us out at www.studioy.org

studioy said...

Well jeremy...I congratulate you... you have generated more links to www.studioy.org than any other site...well done