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Monday, December 11, 2006

getting ready to go...

it's almost here. holiday time. only a few days of work left and then it's time to start the frantic driving around the province. for those of you who check this blog out from places other than canada, let me set the context for you. alberta is a province in canada, and the province itself is bigger than most countries in the world. it'll be about an 8 hour drive from the city i live in to calgary (where jenn's parents live).

i am definitely looking forward to this. i haven't taken time off in at least 4 years. well i've had time off, but no real holiday time. this is going to be great. 16 days of playing with my son, traveling as quickly (or as slowly) as i want to, and being around my best friend in the entire world (who doesn't get nearly enough of my time).

and as christmas is approaching, i pray that Christ shows you all His power, His love, and moreso His mercy to you in a way that becomes undeniably drawing. i dare you to give Him a shot, i did, and now i can't even think of looking back. may God show you His grace, and may you see His goodness. see you when i get back from holidays!

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Fred said...

Travel safely - and enjoy your time off. Nothing better for the soul than some time away from ministry. Me, I prefer a trip to Hawaii, but Calgary's good too!