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Friday, December 08, 2006

vision and dreams swirling around...

perhaps it's due to the massively swirling ideas running around with abandon in my head, but lately i've been dreaming a little more about the Youth and Young Adult ministry in my church. i've even been noticing God moving around me with significant conversations that could have BIG implications for what we'll be doing in the coming years. who knows, maybe i'll see some of these ideas come into fruition as i head away on holidays. i can't wait to see what clarity God is going to bring to these dreams.

on that note, i won't be blogging very much over the next couple of weeks. we've got holidays coming and this next week will be extremely busy getting ready to leave. pray for my family as we travel, and my church as God continues to lead us into His great known.

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studioy said...

Yeah holiday will be nice...so much time to look at www.studioy.org! Wow jeremy you are one lucky guy

studioy said...

Hey I noticed I am not in you links with www.studioy.org I guess we will always know who loves Studio Y? more you or kim drumroll....KIM