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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

vision for the blind...

i've never been a very fast reader, however, the discipline is a necessary one in my line of work. i pretty much read as fast in my head as i do out loud. the toughest part for me is getting about 2/3's of the way through and getting bored with the book either because i've got the jist of the book or else i just bored with the whole thing altogether. i'd like to become a better reader, and i'd like to be more disciplined at it. the trouble is that i'm not even disciplined enough to get up in the morning and eat breakfast.

i'm going to try and start there. i was unsuccessful this morning. we'll see what happens tomorrow.

i'm hoping that as i build the discipline, i can grow in some other areas, and see God moving in some new ways.

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GP Jenn said...

Well honey, how did you do this morning??? Not that i'm nagging you or anything. If you need some help getting up in the morning, I could always set a cold glass of water beside the bed and if the alarm goes off for a second time I could throw the water on you. Just a thought. I'm always thinking. Love you:)