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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

jesus the temple...

a couple of weekends ago, our senior minister was preaching from the book of john, and talking about jesus clearing the temple. one of the statements that he made has stuck with me since then. "jesus is the temple that we go to for our needs. he is the person and the place that we approach."

i had never thought of jesus as a place before. i tend to (and i think a lot of us probably do this too) think of jesus as either man OR as God. but very rarely in my mind do my thoughts ever go to both. and if he is both (jesus is fully and completely man AND fully and completely God - don't ask me how, he just is) then why can't i look at jesus as a place that i can go to for forgiveness and direction and comfort and whatever else is needed in my day. if jesus is the Way, if he is the Truth, then he is also the Temple that holds perfectly my salvation and authors my life.

i don't understand how all of this works, i don't even understand how my dvd works, it just does. but i cannot stop thinking that no matter what i do i have a love so vast and deep and understanding that is pursuing my every moment that i am utterly speechless even though these words keep coming onto the page.

i pray for continued understanding, that jesus would continue to grow in me, and i in him, and that his effects on my life would be more evident than the car i drive.

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