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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

questions, questions, and more questions...

today was a VERY busy day at the office. i arrived at 9:30am (i love the flexibility my schedule affords me) and i answered some emails, and then i had my annual review (insert the dun dun dun here). my church's senior minister is so great. i have to be a little honest here though. i was nervous. i hate being put under the microscope and having to 'face my own progress' and maybe that's because i'm the only one responsible for it.

in case you're wondering, i've grown greatly in some areas, and in others, i'm discovering that i have a lot of growing to do. the area of biggest growth for me is and will always be the area of vision-casting and communication. i work under a man who is a natural visionary and when he speaks people perk up. it's crazy. and i find myself employed in an area where being a visionary is almost as necessary as breathing. and in a large church (we're a congregation of over 600) if i don't have that, and if i can't find a way to get that, then i have to face the questions of tweaking my role.

the funny thing that i'm discovering is that God can give you some things, you can learn some things, and some times you just don't get to operate in some areas because God has other things (bigger things) intended for you. **note: i AM NOT saying that i am changing my role or my job or anything. i AM saying that i am open to God's leading and direction in the role that He has me fulfill. but for now, i get to stretch and be stretched in this area of vision. i think i need a real vision team... people that can see where God is leading and what He is asking of our Youth Ministry. so please be praying for that. it's an area that i think God can realy do something special in our church, and i think it would just be really awesome if God led to a team of communicators of vision rather than just defaulting to a 'staff guy' to do this. this is exciting stuff!

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Natalie said...


How are you my most eXcellent friend?

Jeremy said...

HEY!!! It looks like you've been blogging a lot. Especially since about April. Anyhoo, I'm good. We should catch up over an email or something. Let me know how life is.