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Thursday, November 30, 2006

rolling, rolling, rolling...

i had a major blessing bestowed upon me today. God provides in some very amazing ways, and He just keeps on reminding me of how good and perfect His plans are for my life.

in other news, i feel like there is something amazing and transformational building on the horizon these days. it's almost like there's going to be this great movement of the Spirit and people's lives are going to be changed. i can't wait to see what it is, but i also can't help but think that it's tied to the stirring in my being lately.

i have a desire to teach. God's Word is very precious to me (even though i don't spend nearly enough time in it) and teaching it to people really gets me going. when i'm interacting with a group of people and showing them some special things about God through His Word, it's as though i feel God Himself smiling in my direction. this is something i must figure a way of doing more often, because i think it will be a major part of how God works through the youth and young adults of our congregation. please pray for this.

** just a note - the bible talks about how God delights in us, His children. being a father has begun to give me a small glimpse of how that is. i love my son, i would even say i delight in him. he shows me so much of God.

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