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Monday, October 16, 2006

what a weekend...

this weekend started off great, moved to horrible, but made its way back to great. i need to start off by saying though that i've got my mac back, and it's great to finally be working on something that never crashes and just simply does what i need it to do.

friday evening jenn and i watched the movie Click with adam sandler. great movie, good story line, decent moral (family matters - more than you realize). then saturday i was at work trying to find out why people hadn't been emailing me back, and why i was still waiting for a whole whack of information from people that i needed to move forward in a few projects. to set this up for you, our church's web hosting service changed their email system a while back. i never got word that they had done this, so the result was that i never recieved almost 70 emails, all of which were expecting fairly immediate responses. i normally handle my emails all through gmail, because i can handle all my accounts through there with no problems. but with the changeover, any possibility of forwarding my messages to gmail was taken away.

to top this all off, i got my butt kicked at board games with a small group of friends, calgary lost, and edmonton won. a horrible night just kept on getting worse.

but to finish it all off, we had a great night at youth group on sunday evening. there weren't many of us there, but we went out to our church's camp and walked and played some games by lantern light, and then enjoyed s'mores by a raging bonfire thanks to joe. it was great. we had a chance to really connect with a few of the kids, and the chance to really be honest and let them know they are cared for. i really hope beyond hope that these guys see the things that Jesus has in store for them. if what they see is anything close to the potential i see when i look at them, they are in for the rides of their lives.

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Fred said...

If you are faithful to them, they will see Jesus in you, and following in their futures. God's working is through you.