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Thursday, October 12, 2006

a clarification...

after reading through my last posting, i thought i should clarify a couple of things, because i think i came across a little differently than i wanted to. what i wanted to communicate was the idea that in my job (which is largely a vocation of lifestyle) there are a lot of times when things get difficult and the stress levels go up. fortunately, God has given me a great wife (my best friend in the world) and grants me everything that i need to accomplish the work that He calls me to do. life moves in a series of sprints, but the race is a marathon, and it is important to keep in mind that we aren't the ones holding the keys to the world's problems, but we can know the One who does.

one of my favorite people to minister with is in town for a couple of days. bill merkley is a great speaker, minister of the gospel, and a great friend that i've learned a lot from in the past number of years. it's always exciting to get together with him and to learn and to laugh. let me just say that i've had experiences with bill that i never thought i would have in life, strange, strange experiences.

tonight one of our jr high kids was baptized into the kingdom family. congratulations dylan drouin, i look forward to watching you grow in the Holy Spirit and to seeing the fulfillment of God's grace in you.

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