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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

mission, banana leaves, and my boy...

tonight, myself and a few of the young adults from my church got together and went to a fundraising dinner for a group called Hope International. they're a great canadian group that works in africa, asia, and the americas and works towards clean water projects, family income management programs, AIDS prevention, and education and training programs. this is the second year that i've gone to the dinner, and this is the second year that i've been very impressed with their work. this is a group that does an immense amount of work, and their education, administration, and fundraising costs come in at under 5% of what they bring in. i find that amazing, that this group would have the mindset that they ought to be the best stewards that they can, and put the most money where it matters.

tonight i bid in the silent auction and came away with an African, hand-made, picture of African animals. this thing has been made completely with banana leaves. the best part about this thing is that a couple in our church actually brought this picture back from Africa when they visited this past summer. they're a great couple and God has used them in some great ways. he actually teaches at the high school that i go and speak at about once every 3-4 weeks. i love going and speaking to the group at the school, i see so much potential in those kids, and when i'm there, i hear God saying so much to them through the lives of their teachers (good people that love them and love God).

under the "shameless plug" category - my son is awesome. it's so cool to be able to come home in the afternoon or throughout the day and see him laugh and smile just because i've come through the door. i can't imagine going without it one day now. its quickly become one of the things that i look most forward to in my day. my only hope for him (Grayson) is that he would come to know Jesus and that he would know just how valuable and loved he is. i don't care about anything else, his job, his car, his house, just that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your son...I couldnt imagine a day without my little one either!!!