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Thursday, October 05, 2006

settling in...

well, i've made the move back to my basement office at the church. wednesday was a long day starting at 7:30am and ending around 10:00pm. it started off with a few snags trying to switch computers (i've got the mac back - ya!), my boss laughed at me when he heard of the switch (necessary for our worship minister to expand into worship production softwares), a great lunch with a great guy, and finished off with a great time of bible study and challenge.

my desk is a little bigger than i thought it would be, and after seeing it in the office i kinda feel like i've taken advantage of somebody, because the desk and credenza are definitely "executive" style. but the insurance lady said to buy it, it's covered by the policy. so i got it. all said and done, it's nice to have my own space again.

tonight i'm off to a meeting with the elders, as the staff have been invited to present space needs to them. we're in the process of deciding whether or not to build a new building or stay in the one we currently own. so tonight i'm asking for a gymnasium, that would allow us the space to run sports ministries and grow our "large events" to include bigger (and easier to clean up) events. not to mention the ability we would gain to rent the gym out to community groups for tournaments and parties and what not. i'll ask, but we'll see what happens. pray for my church as they vote on the decision to renovate or rebuild in the coming weeks.


Kim said...

i think the solution would be to stop using a mac!

Jeremy said...

that wouldn't be a solution, that would be madness.