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Saturday, October 07, 2006

the flames win...

a convincing 2-1 victory in the battle of Alberta for the good guys. that's right...the good guys. we'll have to wait to see though if they follow it up with a little better performance than last year's 4 win 7 loss start. so far though, they look good.

i feel like i lost a huge chunk of this week, and well, i did. moving my office and getting set-up in the basement has just been a giant hassle. hopefully i can get things back to normal now though. it's time now to begin really turning our youth ministry into more of a spiritual training time than a come and have fun time. i'm not saying youth group isn't a place to have fun. i think one of the most spiritual things we can do is play. however, i think if we're going to really impact people for the Kingdom of Christ, we need to teach them how to be spiritual people, and show them how to connect with the side of themselves that they never knew they had.

the building decision is still forefront in alot of people's minds. please continue to pray as we go through this process - it has major implications for the future of our faith community.

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