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Thursday, September 14, 2006

a new blog?

apparently blogger is making some changes to their system. i guess they're upgrades of some kind. i don't pretend to know what that stuff's all about. but it's there. sometimes i wish i could learn stuff like computer language and how to do some more technical stuff. trouble is that i think no matter what amount of time you spend learning something, there's always more to learn.

i've been reading a book by Mark Yacconelli called "Contemplative Youth Ministry". I'm almost finished it, i'll post a review when i'm done. i actually started the book earlier this year, but over the summer i had absolutely no time to read anything that i actually wanted to. that being said, i supposed i can post about the books we read as a staff team. one of them is VERY good and i would highly recommend picking it up.

i'm also considering getting a Xanga site to use for my youth group. it could be really good. the downside would be that in order to leave a comment, you have to have a xanga account, the upside is that it's more controllable than a MySpace account, which would be more appealing to parents. noone needs a xanga account to see the website, and the ability to post both blog-type stuff and events on a calendar is very appealing.

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