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Monday, September 11, 2006

a few thoughts

well, today is the 5th year anniversary of 9/11 and all that you can find anywhere on t.v. is talk about it. everyone is giving their stories of where they were on that day. to be honest, i'm a little angered by the "did we get the best bang for our buck" stories that most of the big u.s. news agencies seem to be focused on. it's amazing that it took 5 years for people to start putting out movies and documentaries about peoples' stories from that day.

my favorite stories though are of those people who were leaving to work and they got stuck in a traffic accident. or the stories of people leaving for work only to find their tires flat. or the stories of how they couldn't leave their kids at school with enough time to get to work "on time".

i love how God works. the tough part is that researchers are saying that the religious surge that was felt in the days following the fall of the towers was nothing more than a fad, and that it has had no lasting effect. now i'm not saying that the towers being attacked was "God's fault" or that there is even an explainable divine purpose behind the tragic loss of almost 3000 lives (that would be just a little presumptuous on my behalf, and i'm confused enough by the fruit flies in my back yard let alone the grand plans beyond the cosmos). but i am saying that i love to hear stories about how people "miraculously" missed their bus making them late for work. and about the series of "coincidences" that all lined up just right so that they were not added to the number of the dead.

we don't hear enough of those stories. perhaps the "fad" would be more than a fad if we did.

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