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Friday, September 29, 2006

focus, discipline, intensity, and a burning house...

i am completely baffled by driven people. the truth is i can be a very lazy person, but when you're surrounded by driven people that seem to have unwavering focus in there projects it can be... let's call it baffling. it seems like i've always got 8 or 10 projects on the go at once. and i'm the type of personality that thrives under pressure; i love it when i'm running like a chicken with my head cut off and working towards seeing something happen, like an event or multiple events at once.

the problem is though that this is also my downfall. i overcommit to projects that aren't really important to the things that i want to (or even ought to) accomplish. i think i'm just as much of an a.d.d. freak as the people i serve. i desire focus, discipline to sit down and do one thing at a time, hoping that maybe my troubles will go away then. it's not that i'm doing bad things, because the things i do could all be considered "good". but what happens when "good" things hurt the progress you're aiming for?

sometimes i think that my work needs to be more about cutting stuff out of the calendar than about making sure that there are programs and activities for people to plug into. life is busy enough already. why don't we just open up space and time for people to enjoy life, and then take opportunities in that enjoyment to point out God's movement and desire for lives. sometimes i think we're doing things in reverse, hurting instead of helping, the only problem is that right now i don't see how the alternative works - let alone fits.

and on a random thought, every person of the male order of things should check out this video on "Washroom Etiquette". BIG consequences will come out of people trying to bring conversations where they don't belong. the video's about 10 minutes long, but it's worth it for the sake of humanity...

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Chantal said...

I can't believe boys take going to the bathroom so seriously. Lighten up guys! Relieving yourself shouldn't be so stressful.
Keep working hard Jeremy, I'm praying for you and everything you do.