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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a great concert...

i'm part of a great network of youth pastors here in GP and we gather about twice a month to put some of our ideas for reaching the youth of the city for Christ into practise. the major project on the go is something we call "DtP - Disturbing the Peace". it's a youth conference that we collectively put on and invite people from all over the Peace region to attend. We bring in a speaker and on the saturday evening we have an all-out concert. this year we've booked tfk (thousand foot krutch) as our saturday band, and friday's cry will be opening for them.

one of the other projects we've done was held this past monday night. we were given the chance to host the Great White North Tour this year and things went awesome. the crew of about 10 youth guys showed up at 9 am and started setting up for the concert. as the bands showed up and as people started gathering for the concert the excitement built. i even got to go on stage with one of my good friends and promote the DtP experience coming up in November.

it was stinkin' loud on stage with over 700 people gathered for our little event. we had so much fun, when we were done, we went backstage and hung out with the guys from Friday's Cry and chatted things up with them. they're super pumped to be coming here in november and we're super pumped to have them - especially after the set they put together the other night. DtP is going to be one phenomenal event.

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Courtney said...

Oh gosh...I wish I could go to the tfk/fridays cry concert. TFK is one of my favorite bands. A took a bunch of people to the great white north tour last week in Calgary, it was so amazing.