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Monday, September 04, 2006

2 stinking tills

today we went shopping. i hate shopping. standing in long line-ups and waiting to fork over valuable dollars to someone that doesn't even get a portion of what i pay does not appeal to me. especially in a city where you will see 250,000 people cram themselves into an area built for 40,000 and it seems as though they follow you from store to store simply so they can get their kids ready for school. hasn't anyone thought about this yet?

the most disturbing part of the day was walking to the front of the local walmart and finding out that there were only 2 tills running. work shortage in alberta huh. it took way too long for me to dole out my 37 dollars and 62 cents for a bunch of stuff i probably didn't need anyway. that being said, i think the fall is upon us.

i'm pretty sure that's a good thing though. it's going to be a busy fall. i'm really looking forward to DtP (Disturbing the Peace). it's a youth conference that myself and the rest of the area youth ministry leaders put together for students and leaders. last year we saw just under 600 people at our gathering. we're praying for 800 this year, with over 1000 for our saturday night concert. thousand foot krutch with friday's cry opening for them. can't wait.


Chantal said...

You should do some shopping in Saskatoon. I was in Walmart the other day, just as crowded at the one back home, but they have almost all the tills working. There are even cashiers standing around doing nothing.

Tammy Jach (Colburn) said...

hey Jeremy walmart down in san diego is just as bad as alberta!! only maybe we have 3 tills running!! Imagine 20 to 50 thousand people in the area per walmart and 2 to 3 tills open here...the smart thing is to go to the jewelery counter or electronics area to pay its faster...we also have these self checkouts down here to where you can pay with a computer...