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Sunday, August 20, 2006

time, is there any?

well, the summer is rolling along, and i'm even busier than i thought i would be. so far this summer i've been through two weeks of camps (sr. high and jr. high), a weekend of white water rafting with young adults, a three day leadership retreat, i've performed my first marriage ceremony, and i've been dealing with the hassle of a flooded basement at my church building. and coming up in the next 10 days i've got one more young adult retreat (a weekend of camping and quadding), a two day staff retreat focussing on strengths and ministry goals for the coming year, and i've got to read two books in the mean time. time, is there any?

today, my wife treated me to dinner out at a local restaurant called mr. mike's. it's one of our favorite places to go, the atmosphere is perfect reflecting a "west coast" b.c. kind of theme. It was pretty good. and then afterwards we went to a little par-3 golf course to hit a few balls at the driving range. things were great till i pulled out my 5-iron. Then everything went wild.

all in all it's been a pretty good summer. it's been busier than it should've been. i've been regretting not being able to spend more time with people, as that's where the real results of my ministry is going to come from. but hopefully the work that i'm doing now will release me to do more with people this fall. i think i'm learning that i need to commit to less. maybe be a little more choosy about what things i'm directly involved in and what i can get others to do for me.

i'm looking forward to tuesday though. i'm gathering a bunch of sr. high students to dream about the coming year. i've got some ideas that i think they'll really like. i'm going to try pursuing a mission trip for them and the young adults. hopefully we can go somewhere next summer for about 3 weeks and really experience some excellent ministry opportunities with some orphans or something along those lines. i'd also like to see if we can launch an evening worship time once a month. it'd be a little alternative but built around small groups and different postures of worship. it's going to be great.

well, in the interest of keeping this short, it's gotten a little long. i'll have to put more in later.

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