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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

there's a light at the end of the tunnel...

well, my busiest summer ever is almost over. and believe it or not, i'm alright. i'm not burned out and i'm actually looking forward to the onslaught that is the fall. actually i'm very excited. i'm hoping that we get a great opportunity to see God move in the coming months, and that people can catch the vision for the next few years that's gotten me so excited.

this fall our church is going to decide whether or not to build a new building and relocate where we meet. our Senior Minister has given us some pretty awesome pictures of what the future holds for all of our ministries. and we're finally a complete staff once again. our newest team member (a worship and arts minister named barry) has begun moving his things in to what will be his new office.

and yesterday i sat with a small group of sr. high students to dream about the upcoming year. i am really pumped to help them see what God has planned for their lives this year. alot of them are going to be graduating this year, so hopefully they can see the impact and the value that a relationship with God has for their futures. i'm also pretty pumped about the possibilities of getting a group of young adults more involved this year. hopefully through the avenues of worship and service they can discover God's hopes and plans for their futures.

i still don't know what everything will look like but i'm thinking it'll turn out pretty good. just a few more days before i get to really focus on that stuff.

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Fred said...

Sounds very exciting - and with the LORD moving in your own heart and mind no doubt he will use you to affect the lives of many young people. Keep faithful!