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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

back from camp

well, i'm back. we had a great camp at Jarvis Lake with our sr high students. the scenery was wonderful, the food was well worth it, and God definitely moved in our midst. i'm praying that the students that are so close to making commitments to Christ do so sooner than later. i think that there may be some fear there about life as a Christian. i hope they remember that God offers grace, and patience too.

jr high camp was very good too. i'm still struggling with just how much involvement i need to have with them next year, they're alot of fun to be around, but i think my time is demanding that i be in other places.

i really enjoyed being around bill merkley (our camp speaker this year). he teaches me alot and challenges me every time we're together. i know that God is doing some great things in and around him, and i look forward to seeing what happens.

and now it's on to the rest of a very busy summer. i'm going to need that time off at christmas this year. in the mean time, pray for our church as it walks forward into the mystery of the future.

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