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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

its sad really

today i took a look at a website. i go about once a week. its interesting to read all the secrets that people submit anonymously about themselves or the people around them. usually about family. well this week was dedicated to dad's and what fathers had done to their families.

i couldn't help but feel like the stories in those postcards is really telling of the state of our world. when a father can not step up and be the person that his children or wife need him to be it sets off a catastrophic cycle of everything from violence to drug and alcohol abuse to simple lonliness. the world needs good fathers.

coming from someone whose father wasn't there (he passed away when i was 8) that has some pretty big implications. and it's tough for a man to everything that he needs to be, i'll admit that. but just imagine what would happen if half of the men in the world who ran out on their wives and kids admitted where they went wrong and honestly tried to work out their issues.

i'm convinced that the world needs men of integrity to stand and fight for their families. heaven forbid that a man be a man anymore...

and if you feel like a good cry, or just want to see what i'm talking about, check out PostSecret


Tammy Jach (Colburn) said...

I agree we need more good men in the world..but on a counter note we also need more good women...look at all the divorce in the world....if people in general would sit down and try to work out their problems instead of just running away we might be able to save a few relationships and be able to teach our children better on what a healthy relationship is.:)

Naythan said...